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How to keep your head during Brexit induced investment market volatility

As the old Chinese curse has it: “May you live in interesting times”. With Brexit negotiations ongoing, it’s certainly interesting times in British politics, with likely consequences for investment markets.   There’s still a great deal of uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit. The anticipated ‘decisive vote’ has been postponed, […]

Amanda gains much sought after later life accreditation

Robson Laidler Wealth Director Amanda Cowie has recently received an accreditation from the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA).  There are only three other Independent Financial Advisers in Northumberland and Tyne & Wear who hold this. The Later Life Advisers Accreditation has now become established as the industry standard of […]

Amanda gains accreditation

Budget 2018 – what it means for you.

Despite some of the predictions raised in my last post (Pensions – Still a good option?) there was little in this year’s Budget to affect our clients financial planning strategies.  The Chancellor was perhaps looking to reinforce the message of “austerity is coming to an end” with a Budget give […]

Pensions – Still a good option?

Amongst all the talk of Brexit in the news at the moment there is also the small matter of the Budget, which Philip Hammond delivers to parliament on Monday 29 October. The Budget speech is a useful update on the state of the UK economy as well as providing information […]

Inflation Rising – What this means for your “Risk Free” money

The recent rise in inflation to 2.4% doesn’t just add to the squeeze on household incomes it also reduces the spending power of money held in bank savings. Many individuals are reluctant to invest in the financial markets for fear of losing money yet these same people often have thousands […]

Inflation Rising

What now for UK Investors after Vote Leave?

With the official result announced earlier this morning we now know the UK has voted to leave the European Union with 52% of the votes cast in favour of Brexit. This decision is clearly very important to many aspects of our life and will have far reaching implications for the […]

Use it or lose it – 2017/18 ISA Allowance

Have you used your full ISA allowance for the current tax year which ends on 5 April 2018? The end of the tax year is an ideal time to review your finances, including the use of allowances. The money you save in an ISA is free from capital gains tax. […]

“Today playgroup, tomorrow university”

Someone (who shall remain nameless) said this to me about 16 years ago when their daughter, a similar age to mine, had just started playgroup.  This mother, so upset about losing the company of her toddler, not long after started to homeschool – successfully, huge admiration.  At the same point, […]


We Know how to speak our clients’ language

Read about our Wealth team achieving Chartered status in The Journal Wealth and Investment Management supplement:

How to React To Global Stockmarkets?

I’ve had a number of clients ask me in the last couple of weeks whether they should sell their investments on the back of large falls in the world’s financial markets.  The answer to this question depends on a number of factors e.g. Attitude to investment risk? Investment timeframe? Capacity […]