Someone (who shall remain nameless) said this to me about 16 years ago when their daughter, a similar age to mine, had just started playgroup.  This mother, so upset about losing the company of her toddler, not long after started to homeschool – successfully, huge admiration.  At the same point, I practically jogged to the coffee shop with glee, time to myself!

I remembered this comment when we dropped our daughter off at university last weekend, and it struck me again, and probably millions of other parents, how quickly time goes.

It has also struck me, when building up to this event over the past few years, how expensive university is and how important it is to plan.  My working life is devoted to helping my clients plan ahead and it’s essential to “walk the talk” yourself.  That’s why we adopted some great software in our business a few years ago, so that we could help our clients see their financial future and give them confidence to make the big decisions.  Before we “let loose” on our clients, we used it ourselves and could really see the benefits.

What sort of things do you need to plan for?

  • School Fees/University (don’t be fooled into thinking a loan will cover all of it, and do you want them to have loads of debt anyway?)
  • Deposit to help get them on the property ladder
  • The unexpected – yes, really.
  • The big one – retirement, or perhaps being able to scale down work in preparation, and can you have the lifestyle you want?
  • Making big gifts to avoid inheritance tax – sounds good but will you run out of money?
  • Later life care costs, not something anyone wants to think about

Just a small selection!  WE KNOW / it’s difficult to find the time.  What if you could sit down with someone trustworthy who had the expertise to help you make these decisions?

Call us to arrange a complimentary informal chat.  We will supply the coffee and the time.