Whether you are a sole trader, a partnership or a limited liability partnership, contacting Robson Laidler will benefit your practice.

We have a considerable knowledge of solicitors’ practices and are committed to providing a value added service to help you meet your business objectives.

Proactive Profit Improvement

We can assist in helping you develop internal processes which will allow you to track the performance of all staff and identify department and billing profitability.

Financial Performance

With the business bankers, SRA and the insurance market all now focussed on firms’ profitability and financial management, it is a requirement to demonstrate you are in total control of your finances. We can help you review, implement and improve your processes to meet the needs of partners and external organisations in demonstrating sound financial management.

Solicitor Account Rules (SAR)

Our staff are experienced in the requirements of the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules (SAR) review and report. Our approach to the SAR review is not only to ensure that the rules are complied with, and that the relevant forms are filed with the Law Society, but also to bring to your attention any weaknesses within your system with recommendations for improvement.

Partnership Changes

Over the years partners will retire or move from the practice to be replaced with new partners. There may be significant tax implications in this, and we can advise on the timing and the method of succession to minimise any tax liabilities. We can also provide practical advice to ensure a smooth hand-over from the old partnership to the new.

Further Information

For further information on your own practice’s requirements please contact:-

Eddie Constable


Michael Smith



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