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Using your pension to buy a commercial property

Using your pension to buy a commercial property Why did Phil contact us? Phil, along with his two brothers, are business partners in a successful family printing firm. The business was doing well, and the brothers were planning for expansion.  They rented business premises, which were becoming too small for […]

NHS Consultant looking to retire early

NHS Consultant looking to retire early We’ll call our client Dr X, she had been a client of ours since 2009.  Throughout that time we had helped her consolidate some historical investments and provided ongoing advice around her NHS Pension – particularly because there had been lots of changes to […]

10 Questions with Robson Laidler Wealth Director Neil Cowie

Wealth Director Neil Cowie

What was your first break in business? Getting a call to discuss the new financial planning advice business being set up by Robson Laidler in 2005. 2. What did you want to be growing up? Airline pilot – I’m still a bit of a plane spotter! 3. What attracted you […]

Tens of thousands entering retirement each year without taking advice

retirement advice

New analysis from the Association of British Insurers (“ABI”) shows very low levels of retirement readiness. This isn’t really surprising to us but continues to be a bit worrying! Of the 62,000 people accessing some of their pension via drawdown for the first time during a 6 month period, 34% […]

North East Medical Professionals – are changes to pension tax rules affecting you?

NHS Pension Blog

Has anyone noticed the increase in the number of articles lately relating to doctors and their pensions? One of the more recent headlines this April was the British Medical Association warning the Chancellor that senior doctors would have to cut their NHS working hours if the recent changes to pension […]

Can I order a prescription for financial piece of mind?

NHS Pension

We know / that as busy medical professionals, it’s difficult to find time to prioritise your own plans.  For most doctors, your NHS Pension will underpin your plans to reduce hours/stop work altogether later on. However, there have been so many changes to the NHS Pension and pension legislation in […]

Tax year end planning 2019 – Recycle savings into a more efficient tax wrapper

With tax year end just around the corner, it’s time to check you are making the most of your tax reliefs and allowances to save for a brighter future. You may want to consider: No bonus? No problem: recycle savings into a more efficient tax wrapper As mentioned in our earlier […]